A stranger contacted me…

The Green Mountain Boy Flag from 1777, Public Domain

Out of the blue last week, something amazing happened to me. I was contacted by Rebecca Hougher, President of Descendants of the Green Mountain Boys, who had read my book, saw my bio and informed me that I was a descendant of Daniel Champion, who was…

Tory sleeper cells were ticking time bombs

British General John Burgoyne, Public DomainThe American Revolution emerged in the Boston area during the 1770s. Up until then, the land that is now the United States was increasingly occupied by Europeans, mostly British colonists with allegiance to King George III.

England’s financial woes put pressure on the king to tax the colonies and this didn’t go over well in America. …

Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold led a surprise attack and captured Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga, Mwanner, Public Domain, Ceative Commons

On this day, May 10th in 1775, the first American Patriot attack on the British garrison at Fort Ticonderoga was launched from Bennington, Vermont. Ethan Allen, a Connecticut native, under orders from Connecticut, and Benedict Arnold, another…

Glenn Fay, Jr.

Author of Vermont’s Ebenezer Allen: Patriot, Commando and Emancipator by Arcadia/The History Press, University of Vermont EdD.

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